2 Week Summer Portfolio Intensive



Instructed by: Atelier Instructors

Dates: Monday-Friday, July 15th-26th

Times: 10-5pm

Member: $2,045 $1,738

Non Member: $2,345 $2045

The Art Portfolio Intensive is a two-week program designed to empower students to refine their artistic skills, cultivate their personal artistic voice, and prepare them for successful admissions into their desired colleges or art schools. Through a diverse range of hands-on activities and expert guidance, participants will immerse themselves in observational drawing, oil painting, drawing from life, and anatomical studies. This intensive experience aims to provide students with a comprehensive skill set while fostering creativity and individual expression.

This intensive course is designed for high school students passionate about art and pursuing further education in fine arts, design, or related fields. Ideal for those seeking to strengthen their portfolios and enhance their chances of admission and scholarships to top art schools.

Key Objectives:

  • Personal Voice Development: Encourage students to explore and develop their unique artistic styles and perspectives.
  • Technical Proficiency: Provide in-depth training in observational drawing, oil painting techniques, and anatomical studies to enhance students’ technical skills.
  • Portfolio Preparation: Guide students in creating a cohesive and compelling portfolio that showcases their strengths and potential to college admissions boards.
  • College Admissions Readiness: Equip students with the necessary tools and insights to navigate the college admissions process for art schools effectively.