Experience Art At Its Finest: Alla Prima One-Day Workshop

Alla Prima One-Day Workshop

Experience Art At Its Finest: Alla Prima One-Day Workshop

Alla prima, an Italian term meaning “at first attempt,” is a painting technique where the artist works quickly and directly, completing the artwork in one sitting. This method emphasizes spontaneity, freshness, and a sense of immediacy in capturing the subject matter. Artists using the alla prima approach aim to convey the essence and vitality of their subjects by working swiftly and intuitively, often using bold brush strokes and lively colors. Experience the pinnacle of artistic mastery at the Alla Prima One-Day Workshop. This immersive event offers a unique opportunity to delve into the world of alla prima painting, a technique that captures the essence of a subject in a single session. In this blog, we’ll learn about a day of creativity and skill-building as we explore the beauty and spontaneity of this dynamic painting style. 

Workshop Details

The Alla Prima One-Day Workshop, guided by the accomplished artist Andrew Elsten, offers an immersive experience into the dynamic world of alla prima painting, a technique that translates from Italian as “at first.” Scheduled for Sunday, June 23rd, from 10 AM to 4 PM, this workshop encourages artists to complete a painting in just one session, employing the wet-on-wet technique. This method is ideal for artists looking to enhance their ability to make quick decisions and embrace spontaneity, allowing for a more fluid and expressive approach to painting. The focus is on capturing the essence and energy of the subject, which brings each piece to life with vibrancy and vitality.

Andrew Elsten’s expert instruction is invaluable for both beginners and seasoned painters aiming to push their boundaries and inject a new sense of immediacy into their work. With workshop fees set at $168 for members and $198 for non-members, this opportunity provides tremendous value for artists seeking to advance their skills in a supportive and energetic environment. Spaces are limited and expected to fill quickly, underscoring the need to register soon to secure a spot in this transformative workshop.

Understanding Alla Prima Painting Technique

The alla prima painting technique, often referred to simply as “wet-on-wet,” is derived from the Italian term meaning “at first.” This approach is particularly favored by artists who aim to complete a painting in a single session. By applying fresh layers of paint onto already wet layers, artists can blend colors and edges seamlessly, which enhances the painting’s overall immediacy and vibrancy. This method is not only efficient but also encourages a bold and intuitive approach to painting, making it an exciting challenge for artists of all levels.

Exploring the benefits and skills developed through alla prima painting, one of the primary advantages is the cultivation of quick decision-making skills and spontaneity. This style of painting requires artists to work with a sense of urgency and confidence, making decisions on color, shape, and brushwork rapidly without second-guessing. Such an environment is perfect for developing a more instinctive approach to art.

Alla prima encourages working with paint in a loose and expressive manner. Without the time to meticulously blend and perfect details, artists learn to embrace a more fluid and dynamic style, which can lead to more expressive and emotionally resonant works. This technique demands a focus on the essential aspects of the subject, capturing its essence with strokes that are both energetic and vital. The result is artwork that is vibrant, lively, and full of personality, reflecting the artist’s immediate response to the subject matter. The alla prima technique is not just about painting techniques; it’s about embracing a freer, more expressive way of creating art that captures the spirit of the moment. This approach can significantly enhance an artist’s ability to convey emotions and atmospheres, adding a compelling layer of authenticity and passion to their work.

Workshop Objectives

The objectives of the Alla Prima One-Day Workshop are designed to both inspire and facilitate artists’ participation, ensuring they gain valuable, hands-on experience with this distinctive painting technique. First and foremost, we extend an open invitation to artists of all skill levels to join us and experience Alla Prima painting firsthand. This workshop is a perfect opportunity for participants to dive into a method that encourages rapid execution and expressive results, offering a refreshing departure from more meticulous and time-consuming techniques.

Participants will acquire practical skills and techniques that are immediately applicable to their own artistic endeavors. The workshop focuses on developing quick decision-making abilities, enhancing spontaneity, and mastering the art of working with wet paint to create vibrant, energetic compositions. These skills are not just technical; they encourage a broader, more instinctual approach to art that can profoundly influence an artist’s style and workflow.

Given the unique benefits of this workshop, spots are highly coveted and availability is limited. We emphasize the importance of registering early to secure a place in this transformative experience. The high demand reflects the workshop’s value and the significant interest from the artist community seeking to enhance their capabilities and artistic expression. We strongly urge interested artists not to miss out on this opportunity to acquire powerful and practical skills that will elevate their art to new heights. This workshop is more than just a learning experience—it’s a chance to grow, experiment, and push creative boundaries in an inspiring and supportive environment.


Join the Alla Prima One-Day Workshop at Atelier School of Art, a transformative art experience designed to encourage spontaneity and creativity in your painting process. This workshop offers a unique opportunity to explore the Alla Prima technique, where quick decision-making and expressive brushwork are at the forefront. Whether you’re looking to refresh your artistic approach or deepen your skills, this workshop will provide the tools and inspiration needed to expand your creative horizons. Don’t miss the chance to embark on this journey of artistic exploration and development—register now at Atelier School of Art and unleash the potential of your artistic expression in new and exciting ways.