Character Design and World Building (High School-Adult)

creative art classes

Instructed by: Matt Faulkner

Dates: Sept. 16th

Times: 10am-4pm

Member: $153, Non Member: $180

In this workshop, students will learn how to design dynamic characters, creatures, props and environments from the inside out. We’ll learn how to craft and weave the core elements of all the fantastic worlds from the great stories- color, shape, symbol, pattern and rhythm. We’ll use these core elements to develop believable, vibrant worlds and the creatures and characters that inhabit them.  Traditional drawing techniques as well as digital methods for rendering our worlds will be taught. Lectures will be given that will investigate the successful, inspiring world building designs of artists past and present. Group discussions and critiques will be used to help challenge and support our growth as world builders.

Come join us and don’t forget to bring your imagination. This is going to be a lot of fun!