Charcoal Portraits

creative art classes

Instructed by: Shannon Fody

Dates: March 9th-10th

Times: 10-4pm

Member: $306, Non Member: $360

In this two-day workshop, students will use a tonal approach to create portraits in charcoal. This approach uses large value relationships over linear construction to establish proportions and develop a likeness. Students will learn this method as well as how to render and simplify the complex features of the face. This workshop will also introduce different application techniques in charcoal to create painterly marks and abstract effects. 

Day One: Students will choose between two reference options to work on for the duration of the workshop. Materials and set up will be discussed before jumping into a live demonstration from the instructor. After the demonstration, students will begin work on their own drawings. 

Day Two: Students will continue working on their drawings with intent on completion. The instructor will share some drawing inspiration to aid students as they continue to resolve their work. Students will get to experiment with different charcoal applications including: directly applying the charcoal, dry brushing, and spraying with acetone. At the end of the day students and the instructor will participate in an informal group critique.