Debra is a certified K-12 visual arts educator. She has a BA in Art, Minor in Music and Masters in Educational Leadership. She began her teaching career as an elementary music teacher for several years and then later became an art teacher.  She’s taught all grade levels in public and charter schools infusing both music and art in her instructional practices.  She currently teaches K-4 Art in Detroit at a public charter academy. Aside from her educational profession, she’s a freelance graphic artist.  Her preference of artistic expression is drawing, figurative illustration and graphic design. In her work, she integrates traditional art with digital technology to create transformations of her original illustrations into compositional prints. Her focus for more than 20 years as an educator and artist is to engage and inspire creative gifts and skills in all learners, while building positive relationships in a learning space that is safe and caring. 

     She is passionate and dedicated to the mission of teaching the arts and believes in lifelong learning, advocating and investing her time in growing and developing students’ confidence in “making art” a meaningful experience they can share with others.