Drawing Bootcamp with Armin Mersmann


Instructed by: Armin Mersmann

Dates: April 26th-28th

Times: 10-5pm

Member: $535.50, Non-Member: $630

We are excited to invite you to a transformative three-day Drawing Boot Camp led by the renowned artist, Armin Mersmann. Get ready to embark on a journey that will deepen your understanding of drawing and the art of observation.

During this immersive experience, you will learn how to truly see the world around you like an artist does. It’s not just about casually glancing at objects; it’s about observing their intricate forms, shapes, and structures. Through Armin Mersmann’s expert guidance, you’ll discover how to go beyond relying solely on your memory and instead capture the essence of what you see before you.

One of the key aspects we’ll explore is the interplay of light, shadow, and details. These elements can be challenging to replicate accurately without proper training. Through hands-on exercises and demonstrations, Armin will teach you techniques that will enable you to bring life-like realism into your drawings.

Moreover, our Boot Camp delves into an essential distinction: observational realism versus intellectual realism. You’ll gain insights into drawing what you genuinely perceive rather than relying solely on preconceived notions or interpretations.

The Drawing Boot Camp aims not only to enhance your technical skills but also foster a deeper connection with your artistic intuition. By honing your observational abilities in this supportive environment, we believe that you’ll unlock new dimensions in your artwork.

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