Art Teacher As Artist: Subtractive Underpainting (SCECHs or Professional Development)

painting classes for adults

Instructed by: Todd Burroughs

Dates: Oct. 20th-21st

Times: 9:00am-3:30pm

Member: $306, Non Member: $360

This two-day workshop is two-fold, we will not only focus on art teachers as artists, working to reignite that innate desire to create and learn, but we will also be introducing new, practical, efficient and economical techniques to use in the classroom in regards to oil painting.

This workshop aims to work towards art teacher’s self care as well as practical approaches for  classroom instruction. This subtractive approach is very effective and allows students to be introduced to oil in a manner that is not intimidating and has a high rate of success. It is also a lot faster than traditional oil painting and can be executed in just a few lessons.

Day-one takes art teachers through the process of creating an underpainting and toned canvas in a single session. This dynamic approach to painting establishes many of the resources and benefits of traditional underpainting, while encouraging a more gestural style of rendering and being much quicker than painting a monochrome. Day-two is dedicated to working into the underpainting with a full palette and getting the painting as close to completion as possible. Material list to follow registration.